Among the many varieties of natural stone, porphyry is considered one of the most solid and reliable of all. It guarantees durability and resistance. This is why it is used for flooring or coverings and is especially suited for the outdoors.

In fact, it is in this context that porphyry reaches the height of its expression thanks to an ability to maintain physical-mechanical features that are unaltered through time.
Well known for its hardness, the quality of red porphyry was already recognized in roman and egyptian times and was used to build sepulchres and mausoleums. In later times, it was frequently used by sculptors. Many works of art have remained intact to this day, proving the resistence and durability of this beautiful stone.

Furthermore, numerous laboratory tests testify to the fact that porphyry is one of the most reliable stones because:

  • Its low coefficient of absorption makes it suitable to direct contact with water, ideal for building weirs and torrent embankments.
  • Resistant to cold climate, typical to the northern regions, it supports sudden changes in temperatures due to frost and thaw.
  • Resistant to wear and tear, maintaining its characteristic roughness on the surface, granting excellent adhesion even in case of rain.
  • Remains unaltered through time, resistant to attacks from atmospheric agents and polluting substances in the air.
  • Its high resistance to chemical agents makes it suitable for use in places like garages and service stations.
  • Its particular colouring makes it unique in the wide stone world.